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A good friend of mine, Brandon Brule, recently submitted a great video to Doritos’ Viralocity campaign titledĀ He Wasn’t Always Bad starring his dog, Petrie.


So this is the 2nd version of the Major Lazer video for “Keep it Goin Louder” and like some of his songs they’re a bit odd at first but they grow on you. I am now obsessed with all his songs.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

logo for Flash in the Can

So last year I attended FITC 2009 in Toronto, Ontario and it was a great experience. My only regret was not having my laptop handy so a lot of inspiration went to waste. Being able to walk through the basement of the Hilton right downtown and see all the booths set up for schools, and companies, and numerous emerging stock image companies was a great experience, especially all the swag that we got. Beating my fellow students at guitar hero in the games room and sitting in on seminars given by some of my teachers was a different experience than sitting in on a lecture at school.

I highly recommend if you can find your way to Toronto between April 25th to 27th that you buy your ticket and check it out. Especially if you’re a recent grad or designer looking for work with their free “Get a Job” event held on Saturday, April 24th between 12 and 5pm where there are companies from all over who set up booths and you can go annoy them with your resumes and business cards.

You can check out who will be speaking at the conference at the FITC website here.

Hopefully I’ll get a chance to see everyone there!

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