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Ever since I started getting into design I have always been intrigued by typography, but more recently I’ve been really looking into typefaces.  Subscribing to design sites on my Google reader such as Abduzeedo, Webdesigner Depot and Smashing Magazine where on a daily basis I get to see the buzz on typography, design and insight into the industry is really increasing my love for typography.

In 2007 Gary Hustwit released the documentary titled simply ‘Helvetica‘ and it goes in depth into the history of the font and shows how often you see the font without really noticing. I highly recommend that people who are interested in design to check it out.

Helvetica in Helvetica

In August of 2009 I picked up a book entitled Typeface: Classic Typography for Contemporary Design and I use it almost every week when I’m in need of inspiration for type in my design. If you’ve got a few bucks to spend or you’re looking for a good book on typography I recommend checking this out.


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