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This has been a pretty rough year so far, but it has brought everyone closer together. Without my brothers (and Momma Bear) I wouldn’t be the person I am today. We all have our differences but at the end of the day we are a family and I wouldn’t trade a single one of my brothers for anything.



header for bearsI’m not sure when it started, but I’ve grown obsessed with bears and I decided I would rank some of my favourite bears of all time. Rating each based on different aspects such as educational value, attitude and general feeling of badassery. The views in this post are strictly of the author and do not reflect those of anyone else, so I fully expect people not to agree but that is okay.

Starting from the 5th place spot,

#5 – Smokey Bear

Smokey Bear, often referred to as “Smokey the Bear” is the mascot of the United States Forest Service and created to educate children on the dangers of forest fires. Being Canadian I didn’t have a lot of direct exposure to this specific bear but his general aura of badassery commands respect!

#4 – Paddington Brown

Dating back to 1958 this well mannered,  marmalade sandwich loving, anthropomorphised bear was a staple of my childhood with his polite misadventures. An immigrant from Peru adopted by the Brown family and given the moniker Paddington because of the railway station he was found in. Since Paddington’s creation in the late 1950’s the books have been translated into 30 languages and his adventures have been shared the world over, earning him spot #4.

#3 – Baloo

The sleepy brown bear from the classic The Jungle Book is a mentor to the man-cub Mowgli through this epic tale while they encounter snakes and apes pushing forward through song and keeping Mowgli in line with corporal punishment. One of my favourite Disney characters he has been found in a few of their pictures, one of which he is the animal rendition of Robin Hood where he plays the character of Little John (it isn’t official that it is him, but we all know it is).

#2 – Yogi bear (ft. Booboo)

Apparently 1958 was the year of the bear, not only was Paddington created this year but so were these 2 bears, Yogi and Booboo. The trouble makers of Jellystone Park make sure no picnic basket is safe within it’s confines. Not only is he a badass picnic basket bandit, he has the females on lock down with his girlfriend Cindy Bear. This Hanna-Barbera produced cartoon was a part of my weekend routine for years.

#1 – Fozzie Bear

Wocka Wocka Wocka, finally we get to my favourite bear of all time, The Muppet’s own Fozzie Bear. Often the target of ridicule from the geezers in the balcony, Statler and Waldorf, and rotten tomatoes for his jokes. Playing a major role in a lot of the Muppet classics like A Muppet Family Christmas, and Muppet Treasure island he is hilarious and in my mind the best bear ever.

So I know there are a lot of bears that I didn’t bring attention to in my post, but that’s okay, if they were truly badass they don’t need validation from me. However I would like to give an honourable mention to the terrifying hairless bear (pictured below) because his look is straight up horrible.

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