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Since I graduated school and started working, a lot of what I do has shifted from being a designer to a developer. Since I’m 90% sure this is where I am taking my career I’ve started to learn more-and-more code as the weeks of 2011 progress. Starting with Flash/ActionScript 3.0 where I’ve been perfecting such ground breaking code as stop() and goToAndPlay(), and now have completed my first working Flash page! (applause)

HTML5 Badge

Along with the spirit of learning new things I’ve made it my goal to learn everything there is to know about HTML5 before it is recommended by the WC3 so according to I have until my 33rd birthday to fully learn everything that HTML5 has to offer. Thanks to and some down time at work I’m able to get a jump start on HTMl5 and soon CSS3.

Anyone reading this have any experience with coding HTML5? I had done a bit of it when I was in school but since it doesn’t work with Internet Explorer at all we haven’t focused too much.


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